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Get Green NOI helps commercial facilities save money and energy through Green Energy & Sustainability solutions. We use the latest technology to make your facilities more efficient.

What we do

We help commercial facilities save money by increasing maintenance efficiencies while reducing material and energy spend.

Lighting & Design

We use proprietary technology to create lighting designs that will not only enhance aesthetics, but create maintenance and energy efficiencies that translate into immediate net operating income.

Plumbing Assessments

We conduct comprehensive plumbing assessments that can identify critical issues, as well as opportunities for saving money and energy.

Solar Energy + EV Chargers

We offer a full suite of renewable energy solutions with attractive financing options to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Financial Analysis

We love to help you save money, in fact it’s what we do best! All of our proposals include a financial analysis that shows you exactly when, where and how much you’ll save by upgrading your lighting and water systems, or adding renewable energy solutions.

Our approach to energy efficiency

Get Green NOI takes a consultative approach to each project, customizing solutions that fit into your budget while enhancing the overall energy efficiency at your facility. We work hand-in-hand with your on-site teams to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Green Energy may seem simple, but the truth is, there are many variables and complexities to getting each project done correctly.  We help you navigate the maze of options, and maximize value throughout the assessment, design, and installation process.

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We work with some of the largest institutional commercial real estate owners and operators in the nation

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