Sustainability Trends within the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Sustainability is a hot topic within commercial real estate manager circles, which is driving action in the sector. More managers within the sector are seeing it as a way to create value. When examining the action being taken within this sector, there are some key drivers. Here are the main sustainability trends within the commercial real estate sector as well as its core driver.

Design and integration

When thinking about green design within the commercial real estate sector, most people do not consider the layout of the interior space. However, more firms are looking for innovative ways to drive productivity using the layout of workspaces. Part of this redesign entails the creative use of LED lighting to replace other types of lighting, which may consume too much power.


Resilience is another key element when it comes to building design for sustainability purposes. Ordinarily, resilience refers to the ability of commercial real estate to rebound after a disaster. When it comes to resilience for climate change, several factors are considered. For instance, the ability to source local material and labor locally in case of damage.

Since durable materials are needed to combat possible storm damage, builders seek out innovative ways to cut costs, which cuts on the amount of fossil fuel needed. Integrating renewable energy alternatives is another way to ensure companies can cut construction costs. In general, investments that address climate change concerns are good for business and will pay dividends over time.

Solar Energy

In the US alone, the investment in solar energy has grown four-fold in the past five years. Property owners and managers are beginning to realize that solar power offers huge economic benefits. With the falling cost of solar power installation, this trend is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Hundreds of major cities throughout the US as well as major corporations are making the transition to solar power. The idea of creating net-zero buildings is now achievable, thanks to advancements in solar energy technology as well as other green technologies.

Commercial EV Charging

Another trend that is becoming common with commercial real estate is the provision of dedicated commercial EV charging ports. As the use of EVs becomes popular, state and federal incentives are being rolled to encourage the adoption of EV technology. It is a great way to attract customers to a commercial property, which is likely to raise demand for it.


With commercial buildings consuming nearly 30% of all global energy, it is hard to overlook their impact on climate change. However, environmental concerns are not the only reason why the commercial real estate sector is shifting towards sustainable alternatives. Recent trends indicate that there is a growing case for sustainability each year. Simply put, green solutions for commercial buildings make economic sense.  Thus, investing in green solutions can lead to huge financial rewards while helping to save the planet from runaway climate change.

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