Solar Energy – Commercial Real Estate’s Next Big Thing

Power plays an important part in every aspect of our lives, whether for our businesses, factories, or household utilities. But the majority of this power is garnered from burning non-renewable sources of energy, producing greenhouse gasses that cause climate change. With rising costs of energy and its adverse side effects, it is imperative that we look for an alternate energy source. Solar energy is an efficient and sustainable solution to this problem. The real estate market can benefit from this green energy source the most, and Get Green NOI, with its proprietary solar technology, is here to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

With the technological leap in solar energy in the last decade, it is no longer cumbersome or expensive. Solar energy is the simplest and cheapest energy source for commercial and residential real estate. ESG (Environmental and Social Guidance) has become a priority factor for financial institutions for their investments, so implementing solar energy is the right step for every real estate developer to add their buildings. Get Green NOI can provide our proprietary technology in PV (photovoltaic) arrays in the form of roof-top solar panels for residential buildings or stylistic solar facades for commercial high-rise buildings. We also provide lithium-ion batteries to store the power produced by the PV arrays.

The maintenance of the solar fixture is very cost-effective and lasts a long time without degrading. This power produced by solar energy helps reduce utility expenditures and dependency on the power grid. It can also increase CAM (Common Area Maintenance) remuneration for property managers and builders. Solar energy can be used to facilitate communal spaces in a multifamily or multi-tenant building, and individual tenants can also benefit by procuring their own solar panels. Property managers and owners can boost their cash flow using our proprietary solar technology by increasing rents, extending current leases, and reducing utility bills. Many states and cities provide financial incentives and tax credits to help fund your green and sustainable transformation.

Get Green NOI provides custom-made, aesthetically pleasing solar fixtures that will seamlessly integrate your current building design. It is the right time to turn your real estate development into a more green and sustainable entity that will decrease your carbon footprint and increase your NOI (Net Operating Income). Solar energy fixtures and systems by Get Green NOI are designed to provide a complete ROI (Return of Investment) in a quick time, meanwhile increasing your property value and making it more attractive to future tenants.