Lighting The Future With LED

Sustainability is defined as being able to use a resource efficiently without it being completely used up or destroyed in the process. At Get Green NOI, we believe that in today’s energy-scarce world, sustainability no longer remains an option but a necessity. Our light sources at commercial real estate assets are one of the major consumers of energy sources. We can rectify that by switching incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LED lights are a sustainable product that produces light more efficiently and is cheaper in the long term.

LED lighting fixtures or products are 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and last twice as long as fluorescent lights. This shows that LEDs use less energy than other types of bulbs, resulting in money saved in energy bills and putting less stress on our energy grid. Get Green NOI sometimes uses LEDs that have heat sinks built into the fixture, absorbing any heat generated by the LED. This means that less heat is dissipated to the surrounding environment, leading to lesser stress on the air conditioning unit of the house or the office building.

LED fixtures produced by the initiative of Get Green NOI will not only enhance your building aesthetics with our elegant lighting designs but are devoid of any harmful chemicals or materials. Our fixtures are made of recycled and recyclable materials resulting in less carbon footprint and sustainable development. LEDs are durable and carry generous warranty periods. The maintenance cost of these fixtures is next to none, leading to reduced repairs and maintenance costs for the building. LEDs are versatile and can be retrofitted into various types of pre-built light fixtures. As mentioned above, Get Green NOI LEDs are built with mostly recyclable materials, and most parts can be disassembled and reused and repurposed for future use.

At Get Green NOI, we aim to encourage and support sustainability in the commercial and residential real estate market. The use of LEDs should be at the forefront when you want a sustainable, green, and energy-efficient source of light energy in your building or multi-family apartment. Along with saving the environment, you will also be making a smart financial choice by using LEDs as your return of investment (ROI) will be quick, translating into immediate net operating income (NOI).