We help you save time and money through

GReen energy efficiency solutions

Lighting Energy Assessment & Design

Get Green NOI provides comprehensive LED lighting services that include assessments, design, financial analysis, procurement, and installation. Additionally, we do rebate and incentive administration.

We use best-in-class lighting products that offer the latest in LED lighting technology and offer ongoing support after installation. 

Solar Energy

Solar Energy investment has grown four-fold in the past five years thanks to rapidly declining material and installation costs. In addition to the huge energy savings, Commercial Property Owners can take advantage of attractive investment tax credits and depreciation bonuses for all solar energy systems. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Commercial facilities without electric vehicle charging capabilities will turn away a significant portion of prospective tenants. We offer a full suite of electric vehicle charging solutions, including standalone and network-based chargers.

Plumbing Assessments

Water conservation is often an overlooked opportunity to create NOI at commercial facilities. This is especially true for multifamily communities where water used for landscaping can’t be billed back to residents. 

There also may potentially be water use restrictions that your facility may need to comply with to avoid fines.