Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: A Required Amenity

We have been using internal combustion engines (ICE) for our transportation for more than a century. These non-renewable fuel-consuming vehicles produce harmful gases resulting in pollution, climate change, and many respiratory diseases among the masses. There is no upside in using these vehicles, and hence the use of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing in prominence. EVs are no longer a future dream but a reality and on the cusp of rapid growth in the vehicle market. These vehicles are more sustainable, reduce your carbon footprint, and are cheaper to run in the long term than traditional ICE vehicles. So, the use of electric vehicles isn’t just a moral choice but a wise financial decision for the public.

But this unmatched potential of electric vehicles can be curtailed due to the scarcity of commercial and residential electric charging points. One of the major reasons for the use of ICE vehicles is the convenience and availability of fuel stations. There are more than two million electric vehicles on the road in the United States, but only about 40,000 charging stations are registered with the US department of energy. Comparing that to more than 150,000 gas stations around the country proves that we are in dire need of more charging stations.

This scarcity of electric chargers provides an opportunity for commercial and residential real estate companies to tap into this lucrative market. Get Green NOI is at the forefront of this technology and can help you set up these electric chargers at your location, whether at an office building or multifamily residential apartments. Along with providing power to electric cars, these electric chargers can also provide foot traffic to your retail locations and businesses, as an average time for charging a vehicle can be from half an hour to an hour. Many states provide tax incentives and rebates for the electric chargers making them financially viable and could ensure the ROI (Return of Investment) in no time. Electric chargers at residential buildings make it more feasible for tenants to get an electric car, reducing their carbon footprint. It can attract new environmentally conscious tenants and thus increasing your property value. By providing electric chargers, you will also be meeting future state and city regulations as EVs are the future, and laws will be made accommodating that. By selecting Get Green NOI electric chargers, you will future-proof your property and establish your brand as the leader in green technology in this increasingly eco-friendly world.